Covid-19 related offers

It is essential that whilst trading during the COVID-19 crisis we are fully compliant and are taking the right precautions to ensure our staff and customers are safe.

Main Event Catering, is committed to ensuring the health, safety, and wellbeing of our staff, visitors, suppliers, clients, and the community at large.

Furthermore, our food hygiene and quality standards will be maintained.

We will deliver risk-free, wholesome and tasty products to our clients, at all times

Food Trucks

Food trucks may be the perfect solution to feed customers’ nostalgia for dining out as the future of the restaurant industry remains uncertain.

We can send a truck or a barrage of trucks, as and when you need them.

Frozen Meals

We have developed our most popular dishes that we have been cooking for years into a frozen meal format.

Available to heat and eat, so the canteen being closed is no longer a problem, healthy hearty meals right in your office kitchen.

Packaged Fresh Meals

Prepacked meals are not new to us, we have however shifted into top gear to bring you new fantastic combinations from the low end to WOW, for any event you may need.

Safely packaged fresh food, Covid-19 compliant, mitigated risk full compliance.